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Hi, I’m James Robor and welcome to my website! I am so glad you came! I am a Christian author, teacher, & aspiring entrepreneur (among many other things). Through my blog, books, & videos, you can find spiritual encouragement.  I like to mix it up and have fun along the way.

Feel free to browse around my site. You will find some free resources and downloads I have prepared for you as well.

 God Bless!  



Keys To Massive Breakthrough

An Amazon Best-Seller that teaches you how to overcome nearly any obstacle in your life. Go from confusion to clarity, stagnation, to acceleration, and from hopelessness to hopefulness.

God is Talking, Are You Listening?

If God is always talking to us, why can’t we hear him? In this book you will learn how to turn down the noises and hear God like you never have before!

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Keys To Massive Breakthrough
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Great Start Solutions

As of January 2019, Great Start Solutions is my new business that is going through several phases of growth. There have been many developments and many more in the near future (last updated April 9, 2019)

Great Start Solutions helps ministers, content creators, & entrepreneurs reach more people with their message and get more done in less time.

Topics are centered around

* Digital Marketing
* Productivity
* Monetizing your brand
* Issues pertaining to ministry entrepreneurs (tentmakers/bi-vocational ministers)

Resources include/will include:
* Blog
* Courses (online & offline)
* Coaching (group and individual)
* Facebook Group

Learn how to build your following, make money online, and get more done in less time.

Learn how to change the world through Christ-centered strategies, digital technologies, & content marketing.

Great for beginners and intermediates.

To find out more about Great Start Solutions simply visit greatstartsolutions.com

Featured Blog Posts

The Open Invitation

  Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. (Jeremiah 33:3)   If the Bible instructs us to ask God for wisdom, then it is assumed that God will answer. Wisdom is something that requires communication –...

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Becoming a Breakthrough for Others

As I prayed and thought about what topic to share about next, the Lord began speaking to me about Becoming a Breakthrough for Others. In my book Keys to Massive Breakthrough, I give 17 principles how you can achieve breakthrough in any area of your life. You can take...

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What is Breakthrough?

Breakthrough is the moment when you cross over from being confused to having clarity, from being stagnant to being accelerated, from being hopeless to being hopeful. You know you have had a breakthrough when the wall has come down and when victory has come! Some of...

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