Sometimes in the midst of all the busyness and life, we can start to forget who we are what we should be focusing on. It’s true in life that new seasons come and life can change direction. We can quit projects and take up new projects. We can pursue a new career or start a new business. We can graduate from college or go back to college.

Sometimes in the midst of transition we can become confused as to who we are or what we should be doing. Knowing God’s will and what to focus on in life is a deep subject that cannot be covered entirely in a short blog post.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Having said that, here are some things to check when you need clarity on your life and direction you should take.

Your Past

One thing you cannot change is your past. The more past you have the better because your past tells you a lot about yourself. Your past tells you what you have gone back to repeatedly, over and over again. What you chose to study, whom you chose to marry, what jobs you tried, what you have succeeded in and what you have failed – this is all valuable information as you remember who you are and what your central message in life is.

When it comes to knowing what subjects to focus on in your blog, social media posts, business, etc. –  check your past. Your past blog posts, Tweets, Facebook posts, etc all  say something about what is truly deep down in your heart. What you were saying when you weren’t getting paid for it really says something about you.

Your Current Projects

Look at what is front of you….what have you been doing lately? What projects are you currently involved in? Is it possible God has ordained you to be where you are and has orchestrated your life in such a way that you are doing exactly what He wants you to be doing?

YAH BUT… But what if I what I am doing isn’t God’s will for me? What if I should be doing something different?

If you are wondering if you need to change direction, that is a possibility and may require some prayer and consideration. One thing I would suggest to you is that very few long-lasting changes happen quickly or easily. If things are getting hard and you are looking for something easier and faster –  good luck; success comes as a process and with a price. If God really wants you somewhere else and/or doing something else, then be sure He will a) make it clear to you and b) provide everything you need to do it. However, this requires first hearing God’s voice and second to live your life in such a way that would cause God want to grant you with favor and blessing.

Your Passion

What is in your heart? What can you not – not do? If there is something strong in your heart that just won’t go away, that is something to consider. You can ignore that passion or you can feed it. The other option is to walk away from it but you how do you ignore a fire that is burning in your heart? Is it possible that God put that fire in your heart? Is that what you should be focused on? Passion will win most of the time because when it gets hard and tiresome, you will start to check yourself how bad do you really want it. It will take a lot of passion to make it through the tough times.

Your Strongest Gifts

 What comes easily for you? What have you succeeded at, time and time again? If paying your rent and putting food on the table depended on the one thing that you are best at, what would that be?

Below are some fill in the blanks you can do. 

My past projects/successes __________________

My current projects/successes ___________________

My strongest gifts  _________________

My passion; what can I not –  not do?  ___________________

Here are mine, they are not exhaustive. I typed this up quickly. It is focused primarily on concerning my writing publications and content. I did this in part because I am planning to revamp my blog and I wanted to clarity what I should be focused on in my blog going forward. How can I stay true to myself, my brand, my central message, and the people I am called to encourage, inspire, and teach?

My Past

I could write a lot about my past, there is a lot to be said. For this blog post I will simply highlight some of my notable past writing projects that I have done. By making a list like this it is a good reminder of what you tend to consistently go back to, time and time again. That says something about the core of who you are…

My writing and publications

  • Blog: Website Header says at the top says, “Encouragement, Inspiration, and Revelation For Your Breakthrough”.
  • Ebook: Healthy Spirit, Healthy Soul, Healthy Body
  • Book: Keys To Massive Breakthrough:  Breakthrough, confusion to clarity, seek first the kingdom of God, struggle and overcoming, etc.

Current projects

  • Book: God is Talking, Are You Listening? (Title may change
  • Guest writer for local Christian Magazine (Näky Magazine):  Keys to Breakthrough series (7 keys, 1 each time, published every other month)
  • Working on upcoming podcast

My strongest gifts:

  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Administration

My dream in one sentence:

  • To preach, teach, be in the presence of God, help people to overcome their struggles and become all God has called them to be.

What I can’t do or hope I never have to do:

• Not teach people about the things of God
• Not share and communicate the deep things in my heart
• Not utilize my gifts and skills to help people overcome

James Robor

James is a minister and author. He sometimes writes about himself in the 3rd person. Free resources are available at

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