As I prayed and thought about what topic to share about next, the Lord began speaking to me about Becoming a Breakthrough for Others. In my book Keys to Massive Breakthrough, I give 17 principles how you can achieve breakthrough in any area of your life. You can take any key and apply it to any area of your life and there is a good possibility that you can achieve breakthrough. The fact that these keys are universal is part of what makes them so powerful. The keys are based on a combination of Biblical principles, study and research, and actual personal experience. If you haven’t picked up a copy of my book you can get it at keys-to-massive-breakthrough/

Getting a breakthrough for yourself is good and usually much needed; however, what God has been showing me more and more is that getting a breakthrough for yourself is not where it ends. God is into multiplication much more than addition. 

Genesis 1:28: Be fruitful and mulitiply. 

Mark 4:8: Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.

Luke 6:8: Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over…

Whatever God does in and for you, He intends to do through you. God intends to cause a ripple effect touching the friends/family of your friends/family of your friends/family. There are people whose lives could be dramatically transformed from just one word or phrase spoken by you. One act of kindness can dramatically change somebody’s life forever. There are people who very seldom if ever experience true demonstrations of compassion by others. They are ignored, rejected, and done away with. Nobody believes in them because they don’t believe in themselves. Sometimes a person needs somebody to believe in them, even when they can’t believe in themselves. Even more, people need to see someone who resembles Christ. They need to experience the power of love from a real person they see, hear, and touch.

I wrote my book, Keys to Massive Breakthrough because I wanted to help others achieve breakthrough in their lives; I didn’t write so I could get a breakthrough in my own life. By writing and publishing a book, I wanted to be a breakthrough for others. Many have come to me and told me that the book has touched them tremendously and changed their life!  I have tried throughout my life to help people as best I could. Often times, something so small that I have done has inspired them and motivated them to change.

One time a Facebook friend of my mine was seeking a church in her city, New Jersey. I have never been to New Jersey but I spent some time researching churches in the proximity of where she lives. I knew what kind of churches she would be interested in and so I found a few and suggested them to her. She ended up visiting one and it became her church home. She was so happy and thankful for my help. What a blessing it was to help someone find a home church!

I have no doubt reader, that there are people in your life whose lives could be dramatically changed as a result of your effort to reach out them. You can be breakthrough for someone else.

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