Jesus was beaten, whipped, spit on, mocked, and ultimately crucified. One of the most powerful concepts to think about is the idea that Jesus did all this not because he wanted to, but because he had to. Jesus shed his blood so that you and I could be saved from our sins and from eternal damnation. This is a fundamental truth of Christianity. It is central to our identity as believers and followers of Jesus.

Many people believe that being a good person helps them get into heaven but apart from Jesus we can do nothing (John 15). If this were true it would mean that all good people who ever existed would go to heaven even without a relationship with Jesus Christ. Furthermore it would mean that Jesus came to earth, was crucified, died, buried, and resurrected – all for nothing. That it was unnecessary if in fact simply being a good person was enough.

There are good people who will go to hell because they believe this very thing.

During this Easter Weekend, take a moment to reflect on how lost you were without Jesus and grateful and thankful you are for what He did for you. Jesus made a way for you and me that we could have never made for ourselves!

God bless you this Easter!

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