It’s that time of the year again when all of sudden even stepping into a grocery store can feel like a haunted house. Halloween is just a day of fun for many people but this fun comes with a price. Here are three reasons why I don’t celebrate Halloween (and recommend that you don’t either).

The Appearance of Evil

 The Bible says to avoid even the “appearance of evil” (I Thess. 5:22). I think it would be very, very difficult to “properly” celebrate Halloween without appearing evil. When you go to somebody else’s house who is full-on celebrating Halloween, you will often see a pumpkin carved with an evil face – otherwise known as a “Jack ‘O lantern”. You may see pictures or paper cutouts of witches, ghosts, monsters, etc. hanging on the windows, doors, etc.  People who decorate their homes in such a way make their home to appear very, very evil.




When it comes to appearing evil, just walk in any department store during the month of October and you will see costumes of all sorts that will eventually be worn by children that can barely even walk up to full grown adults. In fact, that is the whole point when celebrating Halloween – to appear evil.

Child Abuse

 Yes I said it – child abuse. Anytime you do something that is not in the best interest of the child, something that will cause major negative repercussions for the child including nightmares and even death –  that is child abuse.


Yes, I even mentioned death because according to many, many sources, there is twice the chance of a child being hit by a car on Halloween than any other night. Furthermore, children are actually used in Satanic sacrifices and rituals on Halloween.

Opening children to the demonic – taking them through haunted houses, letting them watch evil horror movies – this is child abuse as much as anything else. When you see these same children, all dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating, they look like something from a Friday the 13th movie. Children dressing up like evil, hideous monsters and witches, just to get some free candy and look cool to their friends, all encouraged by their parents – how sad.




Open Doors To The Demonic

 Every image, sound, word spoken, and/or object that enters into a person’s home is a doorway for evil spirits to come. Evil spirits can only go where they have been invited. This is not their right but their privilege that they are allowed to enjoy whenever they have been clearly welcomed and invited. Anytime a person watches a horror movie, brings an evil object into their home, or even speaks in such a way that can be taken as a welcome to evil spirits – anytime a person does this they have in fact opened their home to evil spirits. If ever you have done this then you have given Satan permission to come into your home and like a burglar, to steal, kill, and destroy.


Hell is a real place and Satan and his demons are real beings. Furthermore, Satan and his demons are not our friends. They have been forever banished from heaven. They know you have a chance to go to heaven but they are miserable and misery loves company. They don’t want you to be able to enjoy the pleasure of spending eternity in heaven. They will destroy you if and when given the chance. Just read the book of Job and you can see what happens when Satan is allowed to do as he wishes with someone’s life. Satan has no mercy, no compassion, not any more than what he had for Job. He will do to you what he did to Job if he were given the chance.

Many of the problems that occur in homes today are a result of open doors to evil spirits. Evil spirits are real and it is wise not to play around with them but to take them seriously.



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