By the simple fact that you have taken the time to read this , chances are there is some area of your life where you are stuck. The idea of getting a breakthrough grabbed your attention. My guess is that you are in need of a breakthrough.

The reality is that you won’t have to spend much time finding someone who is either considering divorce, bankruptcy, closing their business, leaving their ministry, or even contemplating suicide. Times have been tough, especially since the recession of 2008. I have met so many people who are not able to find work, are not able to get over certain mental or emotional issues, or are not able to lose weight. I could go on, but you get the point: the world has problems, and chances are you have some yourself.

With this being said, this is not enough of a reason why you need a breakthrough. You need a breakthrough because you have a destiny, a purpose. God has a wonderful plan for your life, and if there is anything that is standing in your way from fulfilling that plan, then, friend, you need a breakthrough. You need a breakthrough because without the breakthrough, God’s will for your life may never be fulfilled. There are people whose lives will be touched by your testimony; they are waiting to hear about your breakthrough. They need to hear your testimony because when they do, it will bring about the very breakthrough they need in their own lives! God is the God of breakthrough, and He wants you to get your breakthrough!

If there is an area of your life where you are stuck and you desperately need to see a shift for the better, then you need a breakthrough! Again, I say, God is the God of breakthrough!

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