For several months, I had been praying and asking God to make many things in my life more clear. I was at a major crossroads in my life, faced with many decisions. I needed answers from God but wasn’t getting them. Then one day while I was in a church meeting God spoke to me and said:  “It’s not my responsibility to make things abundantly clear to you!” Then I began to get downloads of revelation about how I have crowded out His voice and when I remove the noises and distractions of life I will hear Him. I began to disconnect from various things in my life, what I call distractions (we’ll take about those more later) and I began to spend more time focusing my attention on God. I received clearer direction from God and suddenly our ministry took giant leaps forward.


God spoke to me and said:  “It’s not my responsibility to make things abundantly clear to you!”


Over the next few months God started sending us people to help us with our ministry. They were a tremendous blessing to us. Our ministry made significant steps forward; more doors and opportunities began to open up. Our ministry is still on its journey, but things really started to go forward once I gave more effort to hear from God.

 I do not claim to have arrived; I am not a master of hearing of God’s voice. I still struggle sometimes in different ways to hear from God. I still get it wrong. Sometimes it’s a struggle to disconnect from everything else going and really take time to focus on God. I later decided to write a book on this subject (which is coming soon).


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