The article below was originally published on on June 5, 2010.

It is one of my personal favorites of all the blogs and articles I have ever written…

It was January of 2005. It was in the middle of the winter in Finland, surely one of the coldest places on the faces of the earth at that time. I was in a summer cottage right next to a lake but this was the winter. I had just gotten married to my new beautiful Finnish bride and we were on our honeymoon. We had decided for our honeymoon to spend a week in a nice warm and cozy cottage away in privacy.

The cottage was a wonderful little cottage and it had a nice fireplace. The fireplace was my favorite thing about the cottage. It was so good to build a warm fire and just sit by it and feel the heat and watch it burn. I would get up early and I would build a nice fire. It wouldn’t always be easy to start the fire but if I stuck with it I would eventually get it started. After I finally got it started I would sit and watch it burn.

I loved watching the fire burn; there was something interesting about it! I began to think, “Could it be that starting a fire in the natural world is the same as starting a fire in the spiritual world?” Could it be that there is something to be learned from watching a fire that could be applied spiritually, specifically when we talk about being “on fire” for God? I concluded – YES! And so one day I got my pen and journal and sat next to the fire and I watched it but this time I took notes. At the same time God was giving me divine revelations that would expand my understanding in ways I have never forgotten. Of all the things I have written in my journal, this is still one of my favorites and now I will share them with you. So, without further ado, fifteen things I learned from watching a fire (that parallel to starting a revival fire).

  1. Fires can be hard to start.
  2. Starting a fire requires patience.
  3. There are better ways to catch a fire than others.
  4. It helps a log to stay on fire if the other logs around it are on fire.
  5. Once a fire is going it can’t be stopped by a little bit of nothing.
  6. Some logs are easier to catch on fire than others, but eventually all logs can be caught on fire.
  7. Some fires burn quickly – some can last a long time.
  8. A fire is either getting bigger and brighter or is slowing dying.
  9. Wood must be ready to catch on fire, it can’t be wet.
  10. A breath of fresh air can make the flame burn brighter and brighter.
  11. The heat of a fire can be felt from far away.
  12. The log might not be able to touch you but the flame can.
  13. By adding more logs to the fire you can cause the fire to burn brighter & longer.
  14. There is a point at which the fire is burning all on it’s own and doesn’t need your help. That is when you can just sit back and watch the fire.
  15. A fire will only go completely out if you allow it too. You can keep the fire burning as long as you keep adding more wood to the fire.

I will conclude by adding these final points. First, God wants to catch you on fire! It doesn’t matter how wet you are or how hard it may be to catch you on fire; you can be caught on fire by the flame of God’s love! Second, when God has caught you on fire, he wants to use you to catch others on fire for God! Remember one of the points is that by adding more logs to the fire you cause the fire to burn brighter and brighter.

You may ask, “How can I be caught on fire?” Well I could write a whole book answering that but I will mention just a few. If possible spend 2 to 3 hours everyday praying, soaking in God’s presence, and reading and studying God’s word. Another thing is find out where revival fires are burning and go there as soon as you can. There are revival fires burning all throughout the world. If you need help finding some just email me at and I will help find a place where the fire of God is burning brightly! God bless you as you get caught on fire by flame of God’s love and help others to be caught on fire by God!



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