Health can be defined in many ways, but my definition would be looking at health for the whole person. What does it really mean to be healthy?

Is the person functioning in the way that God intended for him to function? Firstly, when I say “whole person”, I mean the spirit, soul, and body of a person. Every human being is a spirit, has a soul, and lives in a body. The spirit, soul, and body of a person are all inter-connected and if one of these areas suffers, the other two areas will suffer as well.

The next part of this definition of health, “the way God intended for him to function” can imply many things. First and foremost, God intended for us to live meaningful, purposeful, productive, and vibrant lives. This in in summary what it means to be healthy. Healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Because they are all connected, the health of one is largely dependent on the health of the other. Health therefore is not restricted to mean only physical health because poor mental and or spiritual health can result in poor physical health.

Click the link below to learn more specifically about having a healthy spirit:

What Does It Mean To Have Your Spirit In Good Health?

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