One of my favorite books in my library is called “Prayers That Avail Much” by Germaine Copeland. I like the book so much that I wanted to do a book review about it. No one is paying me to write a review, I just simply want to talk about an awesome resource that I think could be a tremendous asset for you. Prayers That Avail Much is actually a compilation of three books into one: Prayers That Avail Much Volumes 1, 2, & 3. The version I have is a leather bound copy, 7” x 12” inches, with 764 pages.



It very much looks like a bible and could easily be mistaken as a Bible. The book is broken up into 3 parts followed by a scripture reference. Part 1 are personal prayers, Part 2 is Group Prayers, and Part 3 is Scriptures for Reference (about 200 pages). There are 155 different prayers in all. Below is a look inside at just some of the prayers in the book.


The group prayers are constructed in such a way that you “fill in the blank” of the person you are praying for. Here is an example of one of the prayers. The prayers are in my estimation 80% actual Bible scriptures that have been reconstructed just enough so as to be formed into a prayer. At the end of every prayer are the actual scriptures that have been used in the prayer.

This little prayer book is genius! The prayers are so powerful! Every possible situation you may find yourself in, there is a prayer for it.  I love my little prayer book!

The link below is my Amazon Associates link. If you decide to buy this book from, you can support this blog by simply going through this link. I would get a very small commission (about 5%), but Hey – every little bit helps. Thanks in advance and God bless!


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