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//Find Yourself in God

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Not knowing who we are can be an obstacle in fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives. We need to know how we can BEST help people. What strengths do we have that people can glean from? What is most interesting about our lives that people can connect with? Concerning pride, that has to be the biggest or biggest obstacle in helping people because it is the biggest or biggest obstacle in life in general. In Proverbs 6 it says these 7 things does God hate, 6 are abomination; the first thing mentioned is a proud look.

I believe that in order to know who you really are, you have to know who God really is. If you want to know the creation, look at the creator. Tell me the name of the director of a movie and (if I know the director, for example Steven Spielberg) I can tell you what kind of movie it is, or at least the quality of the movie. I believe pride is a big reason why we can have difficulty in truly learning who we are. Pride keeps us from having an intimate relationship with God, which is what we need in order to know who we are, so we can help people discover who they are.

James Robor

James is a minister and author of "Keys To Massive Breakthrough." James has helped numerous people journey from confusion to clarity, hopelessness to hopefulness, and stagnation to acceleration. James is happily married with his wife Heidi and together they have 3 children. James is a big NBA fan and enjoys a nice cup of coffee with friends.

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