What I realized about myself was that I was basically expecting God to talk louder, perhaps to even shout so I could hear Him. I was waiting for God to speak louder but He was waiting for me to get closer. God revealed to me that instead I needed to turn down the noises of life that were interfering so that I could hear him whisper. I needed to get so quiet that I could even hear His whispers. I like something that Prophet Bobby Conner says: “God shouts his truths but whispers His secrets.”

To better understand this, imagine you are in a room with someone who is trying to talk to you, but you have music playing with the volume turned up very loud. It is turned up so loud that you cannot hear anything other than the music playing. You can’t hear them trying to talk to you but yet you complain that you cannot hear them. This goes on for a while and you get frustrated. You ask the person to speak louder, clearer, and to pronounce the words better. Instead they point to the stereo and ask you to turn it down.


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