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Hi, I am James Robor and I am here to help you overcome, succeed, and breakthrough to your next level! (and have a little fun along the way)


I have been blogging off and on since 2008, so you can find here on my website a few blog posts 🙂  With more than 20 current categories and more in the plans, I cover a wide range of topics. Most of the categories would fall into bigger themes such as:

* Spirituality/Faith
* General encouragement, inspiration, & motivation
* Life purpose / life coaching
* Life sharing / vlogging
* Promotions (books, courses, events, etc.)

Note that I share content through written (blog) and video (YouTube channel). I am also planning in the not so distant to start a podcast as well.

See the bottom of this page for a full list of the current categories along with categories in the plans (the Lord willing and the creek don’t rise).


I have 2 published books including 1 international best seller. Keys to Massive Breakthrough and God is Talking, Are You Listening? Keys to Massive Breakthrough was a translated to Finnish.

Both of my books are available on Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback versions. To get your copy(s) just click on the following link: James Robor Amazon Author Page

Writing and Publications

For over three years I contributed to a Christian magazine in Finland called Näky. I also have writings and blog posts throughout the Internet.


I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Christian Counseling. I also have training in Christian life coaching with Light University.

You are welcome to schedule a free, 60 minute breakthrough coaching session with me. I will devote one full hour of my time to help you overcome what has been holding your back. If you feel the session was helpful we can continue. This link will take you to my online appointment scheduler. www.bookme.name/jamesrobor.

YouTube Channels

James Robor has been my main YouTube channel. It has been mostly my place to share spiritual / encouraging videos. There you can find videos of me teaching from the Bible, praying, and talking about my latest book. I also do some vlogging, behind the scenes, and life sharing there as well..

Social Media

You can find me on the following Social Media platforms. I am mostly spending most of time these days on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Author page              facebook.com/jamesrrobor
Twitter:                                        twitter.com/jamesrobor
Instagram:                                   instagram.com/jrobor
LinkedIn:                                     linkedin.com/in/jamesrobor
Pinterest                                       pinterest.com/jamesrobor

Free Resources and Newsletter

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Questions or Comments

If you have a question or comment, feel free to shoot me an email at james@jamesrobor.com. Alternatively,  see my contact page to submit through a form. Perhaps we can even meet on a Zoom call sometime. (Zoom is the new Skype).


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