Keys To Massive Breakthrough

Keys To Massive Breakthrough

Go from hopelessness to hopefulness, confusion to clarity, and stagnation to acceleration!

Do you feel stuck?

Do you keep trying and trying to achieve an important goal, only to despair as you keep failing to achieve it? Who hasn’t felt that way!  Although we may be successful in many areas, few can say they haven’t struggled to break through barriers in some important parts of their lives.

Breakthrough is on the way! In the best selling Keys to Massive Breakthrough, James shares 17 keys to breakthrough.  The “keys” are an integration of James’ personal experiences,  Biblical principles, and knowledge he has gained from studying theology, psychology, counseling, and life coaching.

     *Also available in Finnish language (Avaimet Mahtavaan Läpimurtoon)                                            Read More/Order Now ….


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