For many people, it is difficult to believe that an invisible God which we cannot see, hear, touch, taste, or smell would actually talks to us. This can be especially difficult for new believers when they hear other Christians say “God spoke to me and said…” but in fact God never spoke audibly. The truth is God very rarely speaks audibly (outloud). I have heard of only a few people have the actual experience of hearing God audibly.  Even for those individuals it was a very special and rare occurrence; God rarely speaks audibly.

Most of the time when God speaks it is through a still, small voice that only you can hear; It is more like a thought that comes to your mind but often you can hear it – like if you were playing a song in your mind. You can even try it right now; play a song in your mind and try to hear the words. Don’t sing the words outloud but rather listen for them inside with your “inner ear.” This is often how God speaks.

The still small voice is not the only way God speaks, but 99.9% of the time God is going to speak in one the following ways:

The still small voice (in your head), His Word/The Bible, visions, dreams,  impressions, & inner peace. God speaks through people including prophets, other ministers (pastors, etc), friends, & family. God also speaks through books, classes, courses, music, dance, photos, movies, art & entertainment. God speaks through nature, creation, angels, symbols, & numbers.

The fact is there is no limit to how, when, or where God may send a message. He is God and if wants to talk to talk to you, trust me He can. God speaks to me regularly and there are millions of believers around the world who would say the same. Keep an open mind and an open heart and watch as God surprises you. It could be through your children or a song on the radio. God can put an image in the clouds or cause a beautiful sparrow to land at your feet. God’s heart is full of love; He can and will use any means necessary to communicate His love for His children.



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