You Can Hear The Voice of God!


Do you struggle to hear the voice of God? Do you you want to improve your ability to hear God’s voice? God wants to talk with you! In God is Talking, Are You Listening? Hear God’s Voice and Discover His Treasures. James shares about his struggle to hear God’s voice and the revelations he received from his heavenly Father that changed his life. You will be encouraged through biblical teaching and practical advice.


I’ve come to know and love James this past year. I appreciate his clarity, transparency and thoughtfulness. These same qualities enable this book to be practical, personal and thorough. I read it in one sitting.
In the Hebrew text of the Bible, it is written, ”God is the One who speaks in silence.” James gives us brilliant insight on how to ’turn down the noise’ from the ’weapons of mass distraction’ in everyday life so that we can hear His voice clearly.
The book concludes with a brief but helpful summary of other authors’ insights as well. Thank you James for this treatise, so obviously born out of prayer and Bible study.

Rory Kaye
International Artists & Media
Gothenburg, Sweden

This well-crafted book is an absolute treasure trove for those who struggle to hear God’s voice or are seeking a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. It confronts mediocrity and the abuse of our time within society through the disproportionate use of social media. The book points out pitfalls and time-wasting exercises that plague the life of an individual, hindering our ability to listen and clearly hear when God is speaking. It offers simple instructions to drown out trapping loud noises of the world and enter a place of solitude, to listen and receive the whispers of God in each heart.
James Robor, a minister, author, and teacher, provides illuminating examples from Biblical sources, personal testimonies, and highlights from well-known authors that support the foundational guidelines laid down in James’ teaching. When applied step by step they ensure a solid base for breakthrough in listening and hearing the voice of God. I highly recommend and endorse this book as a quintessential guide to securing faith in a God who reaches out in love as a Father to his children and longs to speak to them every day of their lives, to give direction, protection, and words of affirmation!

Diana Jeffery
Scattering Seeds Ministry
Co-Founder of Onwards and Upwards Publishers
Financial Director of Christian Au Pairs
Exeter, UK

James Robor has done it again. This is the second time I have read James’ works, and I must say he is a gift to our world. God Is Talking, Are You Listening? is an instructive and practical book for developing your personal relationship with God the Father through the Holy Spirit. In a time when religion and religiosity is the order of the day, a book like this is a life safer.
This book will introduce you to an intimate relationship with your Father and God. It will help you to replace time-consuming activities for time with God. It will also help you to be led daily by God rather than by feelings and emotions.
Thank you James for your efforts in writing this masterpiece.

Sunday Adelaja
Senior Pastor
Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom Of God for All Nations
Kiev, Ukraine

James Robor’s book, God is Talking, Are you Listening? Hear God’s Voice and Discover His Treasures? is a clear demonstration that distance is not a barrier to a God who has called us into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord (1Cor.1:4-9).
This book is Holy Spirit breathed, relevant for our times.
Many in bondage will be delivered as they read this book, because God’s Word is Truth (Heb.4:12). Pastor James Robor has availed himself to minister to us through this written word so that all may learn and all be encouraged (1Cor.14:31).

Pastor Janepher Musanya Bwoka
Senior pastor, Owides Christian Ministries
Nairobi, Kenya

One may say, “How does He speak to us? I have such a hard time to hear His voice”. Well, James Robor, in his book, “God is Talking, Are You listening?” accurately answers your question and many others. You will see that it is indeed God’s will to speak to you and that there are many ways in which He communicates. You will surely be blessed, as I was, to learn that God has an amazing way to adapt Himself to his creation, using many creative ways to communicate.
It is reassuring to know that we do not all have to fit in the same canvas. He knows us, and therefore speaks to us accordingly. This has been such a revelation to me as I was reading his book, and I’m sure that you will also be blessed by reading and studying it. Be open to what James is bringing to you. God just might be talking to you as you read.

Pastor Donato Anzalone
Living Word Ministries International
Living Word Christian Center
Lugano, Switzerland

OUTSTANDING!! James Robor has such an anointing of the Word of God and a tangible grasp of practical ways to hear from our Creator. “God is Talking, Are You Listening?” is very concise and well written with step by step instructions of God’s truth. It helps us to understand how God is speaking to us.

Kathy Albright “Bond-servant of Jesus”
Executive Director, Meet Me Under The Bridge, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

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