The GateKeeper (Message)

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The Gatekeeper  by James Robor

September 17, 2017

Hearts on Fire Christian Fellowship

Espoo Finland


The gatekeeper is a person whose priority is to keep out anything that may be dangerous or harmful to those he or she cares about. The gatekeeper is constantly watching for any strange behavior that could be perceived as a threat…The gatekeeper is good at keeping not only the bad out, but also the good.


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Message Notes:

This message was inspired from the blog post under the same name. See for message notes.



James Robor

James is a minister and author of "Keys To Massive Breakthrough." James has helped numerous people journey from confusion to clarity, hopelessness to hopefulness, and stagnation to acceleration. James is happily married with his wife Heidi and together they have 3 children. James is a big NBA fan and enjoys a nice cup of coffee with friends.

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