Going To Write My First Book!

Well friends, I am happy to report that I am going to start seriously finally getting around to writing and publishing my first book. the first draft should be done within a few months if all goes well. My goal is also have the book translated into Finnish as well…It’s an exciting thing for me, looking forward to it…

The book will be on the topic of getting breakthrough in your life!

This a book that offers innovative solutions that can get you from:

Confusion to Clarity…..Hopelessness to Hopefullness…Stagnation to Acceleration.

Look for it on Amazon.com after a few months but first look here for the big announcement when it is ready!

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James Robor

James is a son of God, husband, and father of three children. He is also the author of "God is Talking, Are Your Listening? and "Keys To Massive Breakthrough." James is a big NBA fan and likes to have coffee with friends.