Updates, Christmas Devotional Video, and More!

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Hello Friends

James here. Sorry I haven’t communicated with you for a little while, the past 2 ½ months have been really busy! On October 15 we held our first Breakthrough Encounter event. I was really busy getting ready for that and then even a little bit afterwards. After that was done I had to get ready for my US TRIP which was from Nov 5 to Nov 30.

I had a lot of fun and got to see my family and friends. I had the opportunity to preach in my uncle’s church on the southwest side of Indianapolis. He and his wife (Aunt Phyllis) have been in ministry I believe for more than 50 years. I also had the opportunity to meet the leader of Meet Me Under the Bridge Ministries, Kathy Albright and participate during a couple of their weekly outreaches to homeless. Also on way the way there and coming back, I had the opportunity to see a little bit of New York.

I arrived back in Finland on Dec 1 and didn’t really get readjusted back to the time difference until about Dec 4 or so. Unfortunately within a week that I came back our cat died so that took a bit out of our time, money, and energy.

My wife had a small surgery done on Dec 15, all it went well and now she is better (not cancer or anything like that). I celebrated my birthday on Dec 19 and soon on I will be wrapping presents in the next day or so. Then it will be Christmas day! I have been busy!

I made a special Christmas Devotional video that you are welcome to watch. I hope you find it enjoyable and uplifting.



Finally, If you are not Facebook friends with me, I welcome you to look me up on Facebook. There you can get more up to date information as well as pictures etc.Also check my website at jamesrobor.com. I made a special highlight video of my exciting time in Times Square New York for example.

Blessing to you and your family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-James Robor


James Robor

James is a minister and author of "Keys To Massive Breakthrough." James has helped numerous people journey from confusion to clarity, hopelessness to hopefulness, and stagnation to acceleration. James is happily married with his wife Heidi and together they have 3 children. James is a big NBA fan and enjoys a nice cup of coffee with friends.

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